Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Guinea Pig: Devils Experiment

This is another one of those films that I set myself  down to watch simply because of the fuss. Guinea Pig is an original Video Nasty. A very simplistic short it tells the “story” of three men that torture and kill a girl. That's it.

So is it any good. Well the effects are first class and wholly convincing. Seriously, if you did not know this was faked you would believe it was a snuff movie. That aside the fact that the ONLY content is a protracted torture then you have to ask, what is the point?

The film is repulsive, vile, repugnant, horrific, pointless and truly without any redeeming features. As an exercise in cinema it is with just one merit, as a demo reel for SFX, this is obviously not what it was intended for so I even discount that.

I rarely say this about a film but I believe in this case it is true. Guinea Pig has no place or reason to exist and if all copies were removed from existence then it wouldn't be missed. Even the most unlikeable films (August Underground, Aftermath or Salo) have an artistic content or message. Guinea Pig is simply torture porn and deserves to be scoured from the Earth.vlcsnap-2011-07-20-12h20m26s108

Don't even acknowledge this filths existence.

Paul Out.

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