Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sherlock–The Blind Banker

It is rather unusual for me to actually review a series as such. However given the 90 minute format of these stories it is really more of a TV Movie so there!

I must admit I am loving this version of Holmes, but for the date the characterisation of Sherlock is spot on to how I imagine him from the books. Almost aspersers like in his disconnection from the world and real life but possessing a sublime intellect.

This episode expands on John Watsons social life as well as introducing a fairly baffling cipher into the mix. Like most traditional Holmes once the solution becomes clear it is blindingly obvious…but of course the beauty is in the journey. It is also wonderful to see the Holmes staples of Chinese tongs and wrong but confident police come into the new Millennium.

My one regret is that there is only one more mini movie to watch, this is tempered with the joy at a new series of 3 in production.

If you missed it the first time do take a look. Sherlock is the kind of production that the BBC were once renowned for.

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