Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sherlock–A Study in Pink

Confession time, upon seeing the trailers for this some time ago my immediate thought was “you Bastards”. I have a great hatred for modernized classics and one of my great wishes is to see an in period adaptation of War of the Worlds. Then someone mentioned Steven “Doctor Who” Moffat and Mark “League” Gatiss in conjunction with it. Both men that I admire greatly. Knowing that Gatiss is a massive Holmes fan I began to wonder whether i was missing out. Then it won a Bafta!vlcsnap-2011-06-12-13h26m45s158

So finally I watch Sherlock and it is splendid. Its style takes some adaptation with very shallow fields of focus and onscreen graphics throughout. However this soon becomes natural and the latter saves on some wordy exposition whilst showing Holmes great mind.

My main concern was the was that Homes has been supplanted by forensics. How dumb of me, of course he hasn't. Even the historically accurate Holmes operated head and shoulders above todays science standards.

Overall A Study in Pink works excellently, I do bemoan the fact I have left it so late to discover this excellent series but for every Sherlock there is a also at least two Outcasts and one Day of the Triffids.

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