Friday, 10 June 2011


I have desperately been trying to watch a film to review for the last few days. Something interesting, offbeat, extreme, funny… different.

I have failed massively.

August Undergrounds Mordum – A fake snuff film that is tedious to the extreme. Failed to finish.

Meatballs 3 – A dreadful sex comedy. Failed to finish

Philosophy of a Knife – a different take on Unit 731 (as seen in Men Behind the Sun) drawn out, slow, sensationalised, boring and with a bizarre way of aging obviously contemporary footage.

Bennys Video – A film about a boy who kills a girl after watching a pig die. 30 minutes in and I am falling asleep. DULL.

So here I am struggling to find something controversial to watch. I may just have to get back to the Bond films. I honesty feel like I haven't watched a decent movie for weeks.

Paul Out

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