Friday, 27 May 2011

I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

First a disclaimer: I am trying to stay away from nudity in my screenshots. Given the nature of this film this is tricky so please be aware there may be flesh on show in the following review.

The votes are counted and the verdict is in, before reveal which is the better film lets do an analogy. I like analogies. vlcsnap-2011-05-27-10h02m33s179

A man kidnaps you and your family, he ties them up and lays two plates in front of you. He demands you eat what is on them them. Fearing the worst you do… one has a womans faeces on it the other a mans. You chow down to save your family. After the last bite the man says “That wasn't the test… to save your family tell me… which was best?”

That’s “I Spit on Your Grave” an impossible choice between two plates of shit.

The original lacks the Hollywood polish which some may say is a good thing, the character of Jennifer is far more rounded and believable and the rape scenes are harrowing and extremely graphic, moreso then in the remake. The revenge is somewhat lacking though in todays world of inventive deaths and this leaves the story feeling somewhat simplistic. vlcsnap-2011-05-27-10h43m24s121

Which pile of shit do i prefer? Neither to honest but if lives are at risk… the original by a hair. Its more honest and seems more set up to send a message. The characterisation of Jennifer also wins by a long shot.

Verdict… Don’t bother with either version.

Paul out…vlcsnap-2011-05-27-11h58m30s126

My review of the remake is HERE


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