Friday, 20 May 2011

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 2002 Special Edition

3 confessions to make.

  1. I hated E.T. as a child. I thought it was slow, boring and there were not enough lasers.
  2. I loved E.T. 2002 as an adult. I thought it was much deeper and the CGI didn’t bother me. I thought it added to the whole.
  3. I am wearing red lace panties.

Re-watching Stephen Spielberg's remade movie I find that i was wrong in points one and two… I still stand by my choice of undercrackers.vlcsnap-2011-05-20-18h14m26s239

You see E.T. is a cracking film. In places it is a massive tearjerker and a great story to boot. Some pieces are odd, like the government parking loads of cars at night in a quiet street, breaking into a house and no questions asked. Just what neighbours do the family have, they are ignorant sods!

Then the niggles. The CGI is good but it is rather like banging a mink coat on a crack whore and calling her an escort. I LIKED the way E.T. doesn’t move fluidly. It makes him seem more real. We swing wildly from plastic (excellently done) animatronics to very mobile CGI and it jars dreadfully. This time of watching the CGI  walkie talkies also really grate and seem a sensibility too far, I even find myself looking for them. They are well executed but it still seems like a step in the wrong direction and, like the Jabbas Palace Song and Dance in Jedi, just seem out of place.vlcsnap-2011-05-20-18h15m23s48

That aside E.T. is a fantastic film. I just wish my copy had the original cut on it, warts and all.

Paul Out… and going to rip off the wife's panties…they chafe something awful.



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