Saturday, 14 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Web Planet

A while ago now inspired by Neil Perrymans experiment on Tachyon TV where he shares his love of Doctor Who with his (I expect) lovely wife Sue I decided to do a similar (rip of his idea) thing with my daughter Jessica. Jessica bailed from the experiment several story's ago. I wish to god she had took me with her.

After taking over two weeks to struggle through The Web Planet it all came down to a final 1hr push to finish. Even then this was only precipitated by the Euro-fuckin-vision Song Contest.

My head is aching and I feel ill…and that isn't even from Eurosong, its from the worst story so far.

Its so dreadful i struggle to even put mind to why. Bizzare “method” acting, strange school play costumes and bizarre bloody constant beeping manage to make The Web Planet totally unwatchable to a modern audience. Even with one episode every seven day I don't know how the audience survived this. Over a month of it. Beeping and flashing with arm wavy Menoptora, Zarbi crashing into cameras and the most amazing acting from our Optera friends.

Seriously just don't go there.

Paul out…almost for the count.




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