Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Class is a film I should really remember fondly and, in a way, I do. It seems that so many of the pivotal and defining "teens at private school" memes that I know so well come from this excellent movie.vlcsnap-2011-05-03-10h46m40s87
One this that is strange on re watching is how strongly the tone of the film shifts throughout. It follows the story of a young man that is undertaking an academic scholarship at an exclusive prep school. We go from his initial humiliation, acceptance in his clique and subsequent pranks to very deep friendship shaking issues.

Once the story starts proper and Jonathan enters his affair with an older woman (which the posters and trailer ruin the twist for) it becomes a far darker film and by the eventual climax the final fate of his lover Ellen is actually  rather sad. vlcsnap-2011-05-03-11h22m02s59
One thing that redeems Class from this odd descent into darkness, however, is its wit. The film is dripping with comedic qualities and is somewhere above puerile coming of age story's such as Porkies...but not much. I think what strikes me about Class is the realism of all of the characters. Nobody seems a caricature and every player has his own role to play. With this in mind it seems far more real then its contemporaries.

Dark moments aside Class is a great film and well worth a watch if simply for a look at a young Rob Lowe, John Cusick and a pre Ferris Alan Ruck.

Paul Out... 

(oh and the dance committee meeting at the girls school is a must... if only for the best "accidental nudity" scene in cinema!)



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