Saturday, 7 May 2011

Blazing Saddles

Its always hard to review a film you love, on one hand you want to espouse its joys, it wonder. On the other hand you feel you should expose its weaknesses. Blazing Saddles has plenty of both.vlcsnap-2011-05-07-13h14m09s166

The film is/was truly revolutionary with so many taboos broken that, to a truly supid person, it could be considered highly offensive. The whole crux of the movie is racial intolerance and it takes the matter of racism and particularly the N word to extremes. The odd thing is I am fine with this. The whole point is that the word itself is ridiculous and as a deregatory term makes no sense if you embrace it as a label.

If the film has a flaw it is its utter lack of direction. it is rock solid until the final act where it wholly breaks free of the 4th wall and becomes truly bizarre breaking into the real world.

It is so easy to look at this film and an exploitative and everythingist monster. I instead prefer to see it as an expose of how small and petty name calling really is.

I guess the true message of Blazing Saddles is the old playground adage “Sticks and Stones”.

Paul Out… and not really sure he has even begun to touch on what is a fantastic but impossible film to talk about.



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