Thursday, 12 May 2011

127 Hours

I was invited to a UK preview of this movie... sadly I couldn't attend due to work constraints (yes I have a proper job). I wish I could have gone.

I don't think I have ever disliked a film by Danny Boyle, granted "The Beach" did go slightly off the rails but otherwise the man is a genius.

Could 127 Hours change this view? We have odd split screen photography, discordant music and a jolly ride in the hills. I honestly thought i would dislike it dreadfully. I started to warm to it once it was fleshed out and our protagonist Aron meets some girls that he takes on an adventure. Leaving them behind he continues on his way.

Then while heading through a narrow canyon a rock shifts. He drops and it traps his right arm The film STARTS. vlcsnap-2011-05-11-21h01m36s85
127 Hours is truly epic, the 20 minute lead in is perfectly justified as the utter shock and change of tone when Aron has his accident is astounding. Music, lighting, cinematography adjusts to show Arons plight. And by God it is a plight, trapped with no way to free himself Aron tries it all, chipping at the rock, a pulley system. Everything. Help isn't coming you see as Aron was so confident that he didn't tell anyone where he was off to.

Some people would have filmed this as an "I told you so" story but not Danny Boyle. Arons strength is his composure and his sheer will and when the ultimate sacrifice is called for and Aron hacks away at his arm in graphic gory detail we can't help but feel a rush of overwhelming exhilaration when he becomes freed.
Well worth watching and buying.

Paul Out...

Oh and did I mention its a true story


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