Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine

Lets get this out of the way. This is not a highbrow film. Its not even particularly normalbrow. Oddly enough however I found Hot Tub Time Machine to have just the right blend of silliness and fun to be enjoyable. It isn't sci-fi clever and knows this. The plot has more holes then the best Emmental cheese and the 80s errors are enough to make an IMDB goof spotter busy for days.
But its FUN, not Airplane fun but its not Disaster Movie dumb, somewhere in the middle.

And that would be how I have to describe the film, middling. Its not big or especially clever but does pass the time nicely without giving you a headache, with the movie world as it is right now maybe that is all you can ask?
The plot is very simple. A group of loose (but once close) friends take a trip after one of them appears to attempt suicide. They bring John Cusicks refreshingly geeky nephew and there is an “incident” with an unexplainably magical Hot Tub that sends them 20 years back along their own timelines. They have to get back without wiping the Nephew from existence. Its less complicated then it sounds. Just think Back to The Future vs. Bachelor Party.
File alongside Piranha 3D in the “watch it to pass the time” slot.
Paul Out…


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