Wednesday, 27 April 2011


A quick review for this one I think.

I quite enjoyed Hellboy, Ron Perlman is a great actor and pulls of Red excellently. This romp of sorcery and magic (and clockwork nazis…always a winner) was quite a timewaster. Why am i not raving about it then?

The usual, plotholes and lazy scripting.

Only one plothole was obvious to me but it was an absolute howler. If every Sameal demon killed generates two more how is blowing up a room full of them going to help? Did i miss something?vlcsnap-2011-04-26-19h24m07s151

Despite that a silly and rambunctious film with shadows of Indiana Jones…with a big red demon. Del Toro is a witty and stylish director and the CGI didn’t piss me off.

Worth a punt.

Paul Out


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