Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Elisabeth Sladen 1946 -2011

Sarah Jane Smith Adventures Doctor Who Lis Sladen

Who would have expected that barely two months after the death of the wonderful Nicholas Courtney we would also see the death of one of his gorgeous co-stars and a true Doctor Who Luminary Lis Sladen. Coming as a total shock this morning her death at 63 was truly unexpected and a great shock. Lis left her legacy in her work and managed to continue working til the end, in fact I am sure I am not the only fan unaware of her battle with cancer.

You will be greatly missed Lis, our thoughts are with those you leave behind. Give the Brig hell up there though.

Here is an example of her work slightly more off of the beaten track.

Just a quick edit. The hugely touching BBC tribute to Lis can be seen HERE
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