Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Doctor Who S1 Story 8 : The Reign of Terror

If this daft excursion has done one thing for me it will be this. I always assumed that this story was lost. in fact it is only partially so. Coming after the Sensorites it is like a completely different beast.

The story is outstanding and I would now place it above The Aztecs. Some of this may be freshness as I would it is fair to say I had not seen “fresh” classic who for over 10 years. Watching this reminds me why i love this show so much.

There was obviously a bit of cash left over here as there seems to have been quite a budget for this serial, even leading to the first Doctor Who outside broadcast. This adds a much needed sense of size to the story with everything seeming more elaborate and real.

If I had a complaint it would be the sometimes hammy acting of the common citizens but beside that (and the regrettable lack of two episodes out of the six) The Reign of Terror is simply fantastic in scope, style and execution (pun intended). Our heroes get to show some character again and the story becomes unsettlingly dark in places with overtones of rape, murder and death everywhere. If anyone dares tell you Doctor Who is a “Kids show” then this would be a good start to debunk that rumour.

A new gem for me, I am so glad I started this endeavour.

Coming up is Series 2 with the three part Planet of Giants. I look forward to it.vlcsnap-2011-04-09-12h09m07s191




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