Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dead Snow

Right Ladies and Gents, before we go any further I would like to point out that this is a foreign (Norwegian) film about Nazi Zombies.

OK that's whittled down the audience. Given the subject matter Dead Snow is actually not that bad. It is obviously far fetched (but not too much) gory (but not too gory) and witty (adequately so).

As is the wont with movies produced outside of the Hollywood studio system everything about the film is tighter and more studied. It almost seems that the low budget filmmakers take more care with their money and the care normally shows.vlcsnap-2011-04-28-11h53m32s192

Of course there are gripes, some scenes are simply bizarre (fresh dump loo sex and intestinal abseiling for example) but in a way this almost ads to the charm. After all this is a film about zombie Nazis!

All in all Dead Snow is a perfectly adequate and self aware teen slasher horror harkening back to the greats of the 80s. Fun for all ages (under 18s not admitted and gran wont like it)

Well recommended for rental or at a budget price.vlcsnap-2011-04-28-12h52m36s50

Paul Out… Schnell dumpkofp


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