Monday, 4 April 2011

Coming Up

Coming up on the blog are further Doctor Who Reviews, I will be returning to the Bond Fold and dipping my (scared) toes back into the pit of crapness known as the Howling Series.

I am working hard at the moment so this is fitting around work! (notice how I make watching movies look hard)

People not using adblockers will note the ads on my blog, this isn't a source of revenue as such (in fact, other then the sponsored articles (and not the video ones) I've never made anything from this blog) however it is a huuuuge resource now and edging towards 500 posts. If anything I have written or posted have inspired you to seek out a lost gem or explore a cesspool of fetid crapulance for yourself then you could do no worse then buy through my affilliate links which I am working on adding to the relevant posts. You never know… one day I may generate a payment!

As a bonus i have removed the crappy AdSense ones!

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