Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Surveillance (2008)

This horror / thriller by Daughter of David, Jennifer Lynch is quite redolent of the fathers works showing a more restrained style of his vision. Does this make it great?

I’m afraid not. I really struggled with this one, I found it to be rather tired with a twist that is signposted from miles away. It suffered from an increasingly big problem in modern cinema in that absolutely none of the protagonists had any ounce of interest. I had no will to see any of them survive and in fact really wished some of them dead. This really seems to be an on-going trend with the development of the antihero expanding to encompass the entire cast.

vlcsnap-2011-03-23-13h55m41s103Technically the film is well made, it obviously is low budget but this is eclipsed by the solid direction with has a fair amount of flair but ultimately starts to feel rather restrained. I am sure Jennifer wished to do more. Acting is on the whole rather poor but, as usual, Michal Ironside is fantastic.

I would love to recommend this one, after all David Lynches offspring must have some talent? I am afraid it is rather bland and I give it a …meh.

Don't bother.

Paul Out




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