Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Sea of Death #JAISAT

The Keys Marinus Part 1 of 6

The Experiment: To watch Doctor who in its entirety from episode one onwards. The madness? My 9 year old daughter is joining me… its the 11th of April 1964

So we re-enter the world of moving pictures. It feels good, however the story is an utter pig!

My Thoughts:

Will she spot the obvious model shot. (That’s just a model Dad (yep)). There is no comment on the Tellietubby aerials on the Voord and she initially thinks that we may be encountering Silurians.

Again we have the seizure of the TARDIS as a plot device… it only happened in the last story! Still after Marco Polo the murder filled Keys may be a bit of light relief.

She found Arbitans Slave Boy most amusing…

Jessica’s Thoughts:

Yay! Back to video! I have realised Arbitan said he was alone but in the background of a spinning door you see a man. Weird or what? I think this has the same plot as the the Daleks. Susan gets captured blah blah blah...


vlcsnap-2011-03-05-13h16m10s31BUT ARBITAN… YOU SAID YOU WERE ALONE?

Next: The Velvet Web


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