Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Keys of Marinus #JAISAT

The Experiment: To watch Doctor who in its entirety from episode one onwards. The madness? My 9 year old daughter is joining me… today…we fail.

Terrible news, following the loss of the blu-ray remote and the subsequent ability to select episodes with ease we saw a large hiatus in our viewing. Couple this with the sheer awfulness of the stories and you have a sad story. Jessica has succumbed. Its back to the land of CGI and Barbie for our 10 year old.

In other news however, I intend to soldier on. Hammering through the stories like a… hammer (sorry that metaphor ran away with me). Don't expect a lot, Just some snide comments at best, after all this is one of the most analysed TV series in the world (perhaps beaten by Lost).

My Thoughts:

I am sorry to say that Keys is an absolute travesty. It beggars belief that Terry Nation continued to gain work after this script as the man was obviously an absolute hack. We see all the staples of Nation World, chasms, aliens, spurious motives, spurious countdowns and sentient plant life. To be honest I was glad to wave goodbye to Marinus and Hello to Earth.

Coming up…. The Aztecs…yippee





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