Monday, 28 February 2011


That's my name you know!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Paul. It was witty and unremittingly nerdy with numerous sci-fi injokes. Being anally retentive i appreciated this immensely!

Being old and curmudgeonly (and having three kids and a similarly elderly wife) i decided to see the film during the day. The cinema was surprisingly busy.176209_10150151270226844_554006843_8159447_1961415_o

The story rattles along nicely and the interplay, as always, is brilliant between Pegg and Frost. The movie does have three major faults however.

These are C, G and I! Stop it please, CGI is the bane of modern cinema, yes it adds a level of animation to the character but honestly it still is not convincing enough to stop you from coming right out of the film. I am not sure how they could have made the film without CGI but I wish that they had.vlcsnap-2011-02-28-16h46m21s167

Otherwise well worth a punt.

Mork Out…



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