Thursday, 10 February 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

Regular readers of the blog will recall my review of Paranormal Activity in which I expressed my enjoyment of the film. Can they pull off the difficult second sequel.

Paranormal Activity 2 seems to have been well received and reviled in equal measures, very much like the first instalment. Like the 1st part you have some very well set up and spooky camera angles and a “reality” bent on the film. This time it completely fails to impress.vlcsnap-2011-02-09-22h03m54s192

Why? I hear you ask. Well in Paranormal Activity you get the impression that the authorities have used every inch of tape to try and piece together what happened. In this outing we have several cameras instead of the one, recording 24/7. For some reason the family seem to forget this when trying to explain phenomena. Not only this but some of the camcorder scenes seem to make no rational sense. I really would not be thinking to bring a camera into some of these situations! vlcsnap-2011-02-09-21h00m23s227

My biggest gripe however is that almost every scare is telegraphed with a low sun rumble. It is amateurish and annoying, almost holding up a neon sign saying “SOMETHING SCARY IS DUE” this totally backfires when it fade at one point before anything occurs… leading up to the hackneyed “false security” tactic.

How a fresh film can seem so tired is amazing but they do manage it. We see the family looking at footage that we are denied and plot events such as what Hunter was doing in the basement are never explained. The film never really seems to settle on a style trying to satisfy both those that found the first film boring AND those that loved it. This brings a sheer mish-mash of styles and motivations. Where I could sort of accept Katie and Mika as real people I struggled to believe in this family at all. vlcsnap-2011-02-09-20h48m43s142

Not a pig but certainly failing to impress, mainly due to the awful sound decisions.

Paul Out…Annoyed


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