Sunday, 6 February 2011


A crime has been committed in Hollywood (again). That this film did not receive a single Oscar Nomination or is not more well known then it is is a truly criminal act.vlcsnap-2011-02-05-20h15m20s37

Make no mistake Moon has its faults, the limits of its tiny budget show in some of the external shots… if you look REALLY carefully. That is around it. I honestly have not been as blown away by a film for a very long time.

Moon is outstanding, from design to sound to score to direction to acting it is damned near perfect. Clint Mansell has produced an outstanding and understated score that brilliantly counterpoints the isolation and confusion felt by Sam Bell who is on a 3 year tour of duty at his single manned moon base. All he wants is to go home but when things start to occur on the base this seems to become ever less likely. All this is shown in a simple yet evocative set that perfectly portrays just exactly how a future moon base may look.

It is hard to review this without spoiling but i will say that there is very little in the film that is down to hallucination… it is not that easy to explain away and the eventual conclusion is truly awful.vlcsnap-2011-02-05-21h03m45s155

The real beauty of the film is its truly heartrending scenes so ably performed by Sam Rockwell, his deterioration and sheer determination to carry on are brilliantly portrayed and the counter play with himself and the robot Gerty (Kevin Spacey) make the film brilliantly compelling.

As a low budget product of the Writers Strike Moon is outstanding but, like Danny Boyles Sunshine, Moon seems to suffer from the same anti Sci-fi snobbery that has always dogged Hollywood. vlcsnap-2011-02-05-20h33m04s178

Do yourself a favour, see this film. It is a fantastic way to spend your time and I will be adding a permanent copy to my DVD collection. Sadly this review one needs to go back.

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