Friday, 25 February 2011

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue / Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue /Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead / Don't Open the Window / Let Sleeping Corpses Lie / The Living Dead

Besides the fact that this film seems to have more titles then Jordan has had lovers and is obviously redubbed throughout (I am guessing due to some strong accents, the cast list are hardly “local”) this is actually a reasonable film. It is terribly dated but still manages to hold its own. One surprise was the low level of gore, I was expecting a gorefest but the film is actually reasonably restrained considering the subject matter. vlcsnap-2011-02-24-21h09m40s202

Of note is the considerably different approach to the zombies. They are noticeably faster then Romeros iteration and seem to have more intelligence. Zombification also works differently with either corpses reanimated with a sonic agricultural device or passing on their state to corpses by touching the eyes. There is a lot less biting too with the murder tool being strangulation. Also of note is the strength with traditional zombies being quite weak.

Overall enjoyable but nothing special.

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