Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jessica’s Adventures in Space and Time

An Unearthly Child

Spurred on by the excellent Tachyon TV Blog and Mr Perryman’s determination to destroy his marriage I have shamelessly stolen the idea of watching Doctor Who, from the start… with my daughter. For she cannot escape and will simply grow to hate me instead! Please find attached the candid thoughts of a 9 (soon to be 10) year old girl and her 8 year old sister Emily.

A slight twist on Neil’s format however. Rather then a full analysis we will have a vignette of each episode. Firstly from my point of view and then from Jessica’s and Emily’s. All three will be written blind.

My thoughts:

After some wriggling and feigned (or real) disinterest Jessica’s attention is soon caught. I think she is finding the slow pace of 60s TV hard though and keeps asking “How many More Minutes”. Of note were her responses to the TARDIS interior and The Doctor which were “Wow its WICKED, loads better then the real one” and “He’s Horrible, I hate him. How many more is he in. I curse you Doctor” (She does really talk like this!)

Jessica’s thoughts:

I though that this episode was bad quality. Also the doctor is mean. Not at all like the present doctor. But it did one good thing- kept me hooked at the end. Where are they???

Emily’s thoughts:

I like the TARDIS and how it is set out. I think that it should be longer but I still enjoyed it.

Also of note was Daniels amazement that it wasn’t in colour and his repeated questions about when it will be (Daniel is 5) and Emily’s insistence that we watch “The Cave of Skulls”. This would break my “One episode a night” rule however as I want to see how cliffhangers go over.

See more about Neil's experiment here… http://tachyon-tv.co.uk/news_cat/wife/



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