Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jessica's Adventures in Space and Time

The Cave of Skulls (An Unearthly Child part 2)

Jessica throws me a curve ball on this one by asking if it is OK to take notes. Urm OK then I agree. We all settle down and begin the torture…

My Thoughts:

I actually feel like I am being cruel to myself let alone the kids. Some yawns are stifled and Jessica tries to keep up the notes. But … it… is… hard … work. Like the last episode I think the cliff-hanger will be the big winner here. I do reflect, however, on just how visceral the twangs of the theme tune are. Perhaps Ron Grainers work is what secured these early episodes?

Jessica’s Thoughts:

Not another no colour episode! This episode really takes the 'G' out of GOOD. No adventure, no saving the day (which is rubbish even by the Doctor's standard) and no 'look at this' or 'exterminate'. It was too short. Thumbs down!!!!

Emily’s Thoughts:

I liked the cave men. I don't like the scenery.

In Emily's defence she was being beguiled by “The Suite Life on Deck”… I actually think that makes Doctor Who look sublime by contrast! As for Jessica… expect an eBay auction soon.



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