Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Forest of Fear #JAISAT

Part 3 of An Unearthly Child

If twitter can do hashtags then so can I

This is starting to mutate into child cruelty. I get some real resistance to this one with Daniel steadfastly refusing to watch it. However a slight disc malfunction does lead to a discussion that “If you really want to stop we will”. She doesn't want to stop.

My Thoughts:

The fist story of Doctor Who is pretty much accepted as dull. The main reason for this is its massive dullness. Its nice to see such an atypical Doctor here at one point looking like he will be braining the poor injured caveman. One observation of Jessica's is that she cannot tell the cavemen apart. Valid I think. Daniel opines that this may be because there is no colour! He really wont let that lie. This level of technological blindness seems bizarre to a man that grew up wondering why Captain Scarlet wasn't called Captain Grey? Then again he is only 5.

Jessica’s Thoughts:

I know this sound's weird for someone who hates doctor who but I am starting to like it!!!!! I could see the pictures clearly and I could imagine the colour. This has to take some serious thinking.....OKAY I LIKE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  



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