Friday, 25 February 2011

The Five Hundred Eyes / The Wall of Lies #JAISAT

Marco Polo parts 3 and 4

The Experiment: To watch Doctor who in its entirety from episode one onwards. The madness? My 9 year old daughter is joining me… its 1964.

As these episode are very drawn out we have decided to condense the posts into 2 episodes each.

My Thoughts:

This is becoming hard work. The slow pace of 60s stories and the recon format is turning this into quite a slog. Oddly Jessica seems to be enjoying it. I find myself looking forward to The Keys of Marinus… lunacy

Jessica's  Thoughts:

Isn’t it weird that at the end of the Singing Sands it said ‘Next Episode- the cave of five hundred eyes’. Next episode it said ‘Five Hundred eyes’.

I don’t know why the wall of lies is called the wall of lies. There is no lies unless I was day dreaming….

Next: Rider from Shang-Tu




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