Friday, 4 February 2011

The Dead Planet #JAISAT

The Daleks Part 1

Well my nefarious scheme to exploit the blindness of my kids to who lore falls flat when the stupid DVD announces the title! Darnit. However it all goes fairly well.

My Thoughts:

I start off hoping that the kids would pay more attention. Daniel is very restless and this episode has so much to offer. Once strange things start happening Jess becomes very pensive and I find my arm in a bear hug when the scary music starts in the forest. Although we don't see anything at all the music does a fantastic job of unnerving Jess.

The next most enjoyable moment is when Barbara is running through the city. As doors close behind her and the tension rises Jessica is becoming noticeably more concerned. As tension rises further she tells me that she is pretty scared and would rather like to stop! Then a familiar sucker comes into view and the kids are struck dumb.

I may struggle to get them to watch tomorrow. The silly black and white “old fashioned” show has suddenly sent my young ones scrambling to get behind the sofa!

Jessica’s Thoughts:

Evil doctor!!!!!! He deliberately broke the TARIS so they had to go to the city to get mercury. YOU ARE EVIL DOCTOR I HATE YOU CURSE  YOU FOREVER. I liked the machine that makes the food appear as a bar. I would order KFC.




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