Friday, 18 February 2011


Move over Aliens screams the cover of this delicious flick. Hmmm oversold I think!

Creepozoids is rubbish, sheer nonsense and a great load of fun because of it. Bypassing B-movie and setting somewhere around the D or E region it has a plot more nonsensical then the Governments Fiscal Policies. Effect are funny, especially the gore and at no point do you get any of the awful fear these movies sometimes provoke!

Just kick back and enjoy.

Ten Things I have Learnt from Creepozoids:

  1. In the future bras became very rare with women often going without them.
  2. Being bitten by a cute rat makes you look like a man.
  3. You only eat for the amino acid content. Forget about the protein and carbs they are not needed!
  4. The best way to fight someting is by repetaly throwing it into the dark.
  5. Linnea Quigley has fantastic tits!vlcsnap-2011-02-17-21h13m46s217
  6. In the future lasers are commonplace. Green MDA monitors however are the height of technology.
  7. Floppy discs will be around forever baybe.
  8. Hi Tech bases look like abandoned warehouses.
  9. High security consists of a single unlocked door.
  10. Linnea Quigley has fantastic tits.vlcsnap-2011-02-17-21h15m37s52

I must come clean and admit that is only 8 reasons. I listed Quigleys tits twice but even so I found out she had great ones from Return of the Living Dead!

Worth a watch and a laugh.vlcsnap-2011-02-17-22h04m43s70


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