Monday, 21 February 2011

The Brink Of Disaster #JAISAT

The Edge Of Destruction Part 2

My Thoughts:

I was rather disappointed with this one. The acting was so stilted that the players often seemed to be half asleep. The story really doesn't bear any scrutiny at all…and the less said about the felt tipped switch the better! Inside the Spaceship is also a far better title.

Jessica’s Thoughts:

I think this episode is a good plan because of the mysteries and excitement of it all. I think the change in behaviour of all the characters is adapted by a strange monster that can take over your entire body.

So three stories in and how are we doing. The kiddies still pine for colour, it will be a while yet. I did point out that this is a bit like their future children whinging that the shows are not in 3D. It will be a bit tricky for the next outing as we enter recon land…

Next: The Roof of the World (Marco Polo Part 1)




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