Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Indulge me a second. Come on. If you are new then why not, if you come here often then you owe me… Before we get to my review of Zapped just take a look at this video.

Got it?

Ok now imagine the shit that Adam takes the following day?

That pretty much sums up Zapped, a huge pile of stinking red meat shit.

Paul Ou…. what do you mean you want more. So not only do I have to watch it… oh FFS.

Here is the Trailer for this comedy gem /sarcasm

Doesn't that look….

OK lets quantify my hatred of zapped, after all it does have lots of these..

vlcsnap-2011-01-17-14h37m12s106It has been far too long since I posted tits on this blog…enjoy.

The film takes a very poor look at the concept of teens with powers. Scott Baio (The Fonzs less cool cousin) is granted the ability of telekinesis through an improbable lab experiment. He falls in love with the ugly geeky girl once she loses her glasses and thick sweaters and she becomes unfeasably hot.

vlcsnap-2011-01-17-14h05m22s203Honestly I AM ugly…

His best friend tries to cheat at gambling.

Nobody is likeable and Bradley takes great joy in using his power to rip open clothing.

For me the absolute killer with Zapped is the total lack of realisation that what Bradley is doing is actually very, very illegal. It is called “Sexual Assault” and whether you touch or not is rather naughty!

I don't want to seem a prude… people that know me will argue that I am far from it, but when Barney gets that sinister look on his face I cant help hearing the internal monologue in his head “ If only I had been given Roofie powers instead of this boring Telekinesis”


In all a very disappointing film indeed.

vlcsnap-2011-01-17-22h13m29s214The technical term is “Sexual Assault”
vlcsnap-2011-01-17-22h14m35s96I’m not one to waste a good screencap though!
vlcsnap-2011-01-17-22h11m35s96Pictured: Prelude to Rape
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