Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity

I know what you are thinking. What  the hell is this. Well the telling thing for this film is the budget of 200K. Which really does not show at all. The film is a real treat, yes it is truly hokey and the plot is so simple that it could have been written by Forrest Gump on a bad day but the film is just gorgeous to watch, oozing style in a way that high budget films could only dream about.
vlcsnap-2011-01-25-20h34m24s71Look at that style
Of course the real hook is the bikini babes, I will make no bones (pun intended) about this fact. Without the extremely attractive ladies on show the film would be dull beyond belief. The actual nudity in the film is quite light and sex almost non existent (in fact the trailer shows most of it) but watching slave girls is a bit like leafing through the Pirelli calendar. Your eyes will love you forever.
Sexist you say. Well fuck you. Yes I am a man and I like to look at women, I think this film is so much more honest then flicks such as Transformers which coyly try to hide the fact that we are meant to lust after Megan Fox's Taters. Slave girls pretty much shouts out “BIKINIS…..CHECK EM OUT GUYS”
The films “plot” is basically that the The Deadliest Game. Man hunts man (or bikini clad babe) and it is simplistic for that. In fact the weakest part of the film is the Jungle chase. All this is saved by excellent set design and a massive talent for making the budget seem so much more then it was. Also of note is the score which is all original for the film and not half bad at all.
vlcsnap-2011-01-25-22h05m03s194What an incredible Pair
I now close with a dilemma. This film looks so great that my screen grab finger was overzealous. What to do with all those screen caps?
Well ok i will post them.
Well recommended for just over an hour of brainless fun, frolics and easily absorbed eye candy (and a Christian Bale lookalike)vlcsnap-2011-01-25-22h11m54s205
Paul Out…

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