Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Serbian Film (Srpski film)

Oh god god in heaven, this is one of the most depraved films I have seen…and the version I saw had 4 and a half minutes excised by my moral betters.

It is exceptionally hard to review this film without spoilers so I intend to do something slightly different today. As I see it there are three kinds of people reading this blog. Those that don't like sick movies, go away now. Those that like them and intend to watch this film. Also go away when I warn you, and those that are interested in what exactly I mean without having an interest in the movie as a whole. This is for you.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-09h14m07s155

Before I go into it and to leave some spoiler space for those that will be leaving us now. Here is a general review of the movie.

A Serbian Film follows an ex pornstar into a high paid “mystery” job which quickly devolves into an horrific ordeal. The cinematography for a foreign film is excellent and sound production is also superb. Effects and acting are spot on. Content is … disturbing.

If you really do have a strong stomach and like your films extreme I recommend this one. If you are not a fan of exploitation flicks, which his certainly is, then I guess it isn't for you.

SPOLER WARNING: I now intend the synopsise the movie. If you intend to watch it STOP READING NOW.

The movie opens with what appears to be a sexual encounter outside a bar. Our star rips a woman's top open and proceeds to fuck her violently. We then cut to a scene showing that this a video being watched by a 6 year old boy. His parents come in and the dad is the man in the film. The woman switches the TV off and explains that daddy is “Playing” with a friend. They leave the room. Daddy watches some more of his work.

The woman asks Milos (Daddy) for some money. It is clear that times are hard. Milos has a huge collection of his own films it is clear he was a big star.

Milos is at a cafe. He meets with a sexily dressed woman who tells him a friend has work for him. His Brother (a cop) joins them and feels her up. She rebuffs him.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-09h18m28s197

At bedtime the child explains that the film “where daddy is beating his friend” made him feel good by his willy. They explain to him about the wheels in people that everyone has (WHAT!!!)

In bed Milos and his wife put on one of his pornos. She asks him why he never treats her like his co-stars. He says because he fucks them and loves her. She hits him hard. He rips her top open forces her onto her front and brutally fucks her from behind. They then have a more tender moment.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-09h35m24s119

Milos meets with a strange director who offers him insane amounts of cash but wont tell him what the film is. He discusses it with his wife and they agree to do it. Milos goes into training. His brother is visiting while Milos is training and turned on by his sister in law. He masturbates in their bathroom.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-10h29m27s36

Milos and son, talk about the wheels, Milos essentially tells his son to “Follow them with his hand” but they turn better at night…

Milos then is collected for his shoot. A woman meets him at an orphanage and show him a young (13/14?) girl who is sitting on the stars looking sexy. Her mother comes to claim her and is fought with over custody. Mother leaves weeping. The woman then takes milos to a room and fellates him while a video is shown of the child eating a lollipop. Milos appears uncomfortable but orgasms.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-10h38m55s84

Milos calls his brother and asks him to investigate the director, he also explains to his wife and son that he will not be at their party. We see Milos brother being fellated while watching one of Milos porn films. We hear the children's party in the background.

Milos is visited by his porn friend, She tries to seduce him but cant. He falls asleep and is woken by his wife and son.

The next scene of the shoot is in a checkerboard tiled room. The Childs mother is being hit by a man in police uniform who calls her a whore. The  mother crawls towards Milos and starts to fellate him. he notices the young girl watching. Milos refuses to do any more and is grabbed from behind by another man. The woman bite his penis and Milos is told to hit her. He does, she releases his and masturbates him until he comes on her crying face. vlcsnap-2011-01-12-10h55m11s116

The director enters and congratulates Milos. he explains that the woman is a slut and has fucked anything. She likes pain and the girl is theirs. It is all OK.

He then meets with his brother who tells Milos that the director is intelligent and respected.

Milos dreams of the woman laying beaten on the ground. His son watches and chants at him to hit and tear it. He wakes.

The car has come to collect him. His wife tells him he can do it by phone. he says is impolite and goes in his own car to tell them he is quitting. he director becomes agitated and shows milos a film. A woman is in a room heavily pregnant and seemingly in childbirth. A man delivers  the baby and it is strongly implicated that he then has sex with the newborn baby while the mother watches smiling. Milos leaves in a strange mood. he is very excited.

He is met by a friend of the director (a previously seen nurse) at some traffic lights. He cant keep his hands off her. He wakes in his bed with blood on him three days later.

He retraces his steps, remembering on the way. He is taken back to the directors house by the nurse. The director explains that he has been doped with Bull aphrodisiac. The mother is handcuffed to  bed and he is exhorted to have her. he does and is told to beat her. He brutally does so is then handed a machete and cuts off her head. He continues to fuck her corpse.

These scenes are done in flashback with his horrified reactions shown.

He finds the recording (after seeing a woman start to seduce a donkey)  and takes them, from the house.

He watches the tapes and sees himself anally raped then sees one where his pornstar “Friend” is arguing about his coercion methods. Rather then drug him they should have threatened his family, she says she is taking him home. We then see her chained to the ceiling. All her teeth are on the floor. It is implied (due to cuts i believe) that she is choked on a penis.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-11h30m03s48

The next tape is the child and her grandmother. She thanks him for his actions and reiterates that the mother was a whore and the father a war hero. The father died before he could show the child how to be a woman and offers her granddaughter to Milos in this role. Milos escapes through a window.

In his drugged state he calls his brother for help. He then sees a sexy woman (stated as underage) being harassed by two men. he has to masturbate and they beat him. They are killed by the Director and his thugs and Milos is taken again.

Milos is being drugged by the nurse and he manages to stab her with a hypodermic needle. While leaving he is then escorted by a guard to a room full of people. The drug kicks in and he anally rapes a body under a blanket, there are two such bodies and a hooded man is taking the larger one next to him. The bodies move weakly and are held down.vlcsnap-2011-01-12-11h41m06s23

The hooded man is unmasked and is Milos brother. Then his victim is revealed to be Milos wife and Milos has been raping his own son. The nurse then burst in and dies. With this distraction Milos smashes the directors skull, his wife smashes his brother head with a state and he shoots three goons. the third goon still comes and they fight. He removes his glasses and finds he has an eye missing. He (honestly) kills him with his penis in his eye. Milos wife holds Milos at knifepoint and Milos knocks her out.

The film recon verges now as Milos remembers locking his wife in the cellar at home. He lets her and his son out.

They are cold to each other and are shown to seem to warm. They all lay in be with the boy in the middle and he shoots through all three.

The film ends showing some men with cameras filming the bed. One unzips his fly and a man who appears in charge says “Start with the little one”

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