Thursday, 27 January 2011

Piranha 3D (2D Version)

Once there was a time when kitsch was cool. Cheap was in and fun trumped artistic merit or “effects”. In those days films like Critters and Tremors were King. We saw a bit of light with the fantastic Slither but not nearly enough. Can Piranha 2D (sorry no gimmicks here) bring back those days?vlcsnap-2011-01-26-20h14m22s96

Yes it certainly can. Piranha is a gloriously B-Movie movie. It never sets itself up to be epic, or horrific, or scary. It is just a silly, simple film.

In a more aware world a film like Deep Blue Sea could have took this sought after crown of schlock, however it foolishly took itself far too seriously. Perhaps Snakes on a Plane could have come close? Nope far too silly. Piranha succeeds in hitting just the right level of tat, with generous side orders of Tits, Arse and lashings of decent actors hamming it up for all it is worth.

The plot is beyond simple. Prehistoric creatures eat Spring Break going teenagers. Thankfully this really is all we need.vlcsnap-2011-01-26-20h49m12s254

Throw in Jerry O’Connell as a Girls Gone Wild style pornographer and Kelly Brook as a Girl Gone Wild and you have a truly entertaining film.

Note the differentiation between good and entertaining. Dissected Piranha falls apart like a well chewed woollen PG Tips Monkey, but with films this self aware you need not dissect. Just sit back and enjoy.vlcsnap-2011-01-26-20h42m05s80

That's not to say there are not faults. There are some truly shocking CG effects on show here and moments of truly awful acting and inexplicable behaviour. Balance this against the oodles of naked flesh on show (including the delectable Miss Brook in her birthday suit, underwater, snogging a porn star….. excuse me)backin5-770355

Sorry where was I, oh yes flesh, fun and gore. Piranha is something that has been missing from cinema for some time. A nice, simple and above all enjoyable romp of a horror sci-fi. Its about damn time as well

Paul Out…

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