Thursday, 28 October 2010

Welcome to the Dark Side (sponsored Post)


November is a special time for FHM with the issuing of the After Dark Special. This excursion into evil takes in Twilight, 30 Days of Night and True Blood with all their Vampy Goodness. There are 16 pages of Diora Baird, Christian Serratos and Natasha Alum with never before seen pictures and interviews. Just look at the cover!


If that alone doesn't make you drool then you probably already are one of the undead. That must be the hottest bed this side of the Satans Love Suite.

Of course if that doesn’t float your boat there is always Kick Ass!! with two intrepid reporters setting out to fight crime in their own back yards. Of course some cats don’t appreciate being put up trees (to rescue) but hey ho!FHM1

Then there is an exclusive interview with Rugbys Lewis ‘Mad Dog’ Moody with hins and advice on how to achieve that rugby players body you have always wanted (and it doesn’t involve any digging).FHM2

The issue is out now. For reading this though you can get a peek at the delectable Diora…just click the link below.


FHM - After Dark Special - out now
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