Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Kindle 3

Here is the unboxing of my latest toy.

Kindle 3

I can honestly say the Kindle really does not disappoint. I feel sorry for tree books as, given a choice, I would rather read on the Kindle. That is something I never thought would happen. (particularly considering my earlier ebook post…E-Books.)

There is now a massive array of books available and many classics are free or nominally fee’d (for example I have The Bible, The Complete Sherlock Holmes and The Complete Shakespeare for 74p each!) It also reads Text and PDF files. Generally if you can find something you want to read there is a way to get the kindle to read it.

Did I mention the 1 month battery life, the amazingly easy to read screen or the fact that it has enough starage for thousands of books? Did I also mention that you don’t even have to store books on it as Amazon will keep your purchased books on their servers for you ALONGSIDE YOUR BOOKMARKS.

Did i also mention its ability to sync you last reading position between multiple devices, read a few pages on the PC app and a few more on the iPad one? It will update your position accordingly.

The book is dead. LONG LIVE THE BOOK.

Look into one of these I heartily recommend.

I Guess I should linky some ads! These are associate ones so if the review convinced you give something back by buying on the link.

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