Friday, 29 October 2010

Batman: Under the Red Hood

We all know Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are grim reimagining's of the comic book farce yes?

Wrong. vlcsnap-2010-10-25-15h33m26s218

Batman has had so many faces but certainly since the late 80s he has been just as dark as seen in the Nolan Films. With this in mind do not go thinking that, as a cartoon, this is for kids.

Under the Red Hood is shockingly close to the brutal comic book batman and an outstanding piece of work. If you are of the opinion that only Manga does violence then you really need to take a look at some of DCs animations, although nowhere near the epic brutality that comes from Japan they are head and shoulders above what many westerners consider to be a cartoon.

Red Hood tells the story of a new crime lord adopting the mantle that Joker had before his “unfortunate” accident. Never shying away from death and destruction it embraces Bat mythology as closely as any adaptation I have seen.

As an example of the violence shown here, the opening scenes show Jason Todd (the second Robin) brutally beaten to death by The Joker. Using nothing more then a crowbar and his arm!vlcsnap-2010-10-25-15h17m27s99

If I had to level criticism against the film then The Joker is where it would lay. Never seeming the insane lunatic portrayed so well by Hamill, Ledger and even Nicholson, this iteration seems far more calculated and often even appears …. normal. Disappointing.

Seek out a copy of this, sit back and enjoy. Batman: Under the Red Hood is a real treat for fans of dark gritty and scary Batman.

Paul Out.vlcsnap-2010-10-25-15h34m25s48

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