Sunday, 19 September 2010

Night Watch

I’ve sat on this review for a few days and I am still having trouble getting out what I think about Night Watch. While I have more of a think lets watch the trailer.

You back?

OK that's a bad trailer, it uses calming music to force a jump (and pretty much that's the scariest bit of the film) it does however show one of the stronger points of the film. The style.

Night Watch has style oozing from every pore, as the icing on the cake, rather then plain old subtitles (the film is Russian) it uses amazing subtitles that truly feel like a part of the film. this imparts a comic book feel to the film and it is very welcome. vlcsnap-2010-09-16-14h29m11s36

So what is wrong with it then? Well to be honest the film is a complete mess, it has very confusing narrative and very little exposition. It seems to roll along on a wave of concepts and towards the end really does feel tiresome. When the finale happens you have gone entirely over to the “what on EARTH is happening” mind-set.

While i don’t think that we need spoonfeeding with higher concepts this film really does seem to assume that you know exactly what is happening. I understand the the Russian cut is somewhat different and it sounds as if it may be even more confusing, bringing temporal confusion into the mix.

The film is followed by Day Watch which apparently makes the whole thing more understandable. We shall see.vlcsnap-2010-09-16-15h48m42s129

Take a look but don't spend too much money or try to strain your mind. Treat this one as eye candy UNLESS you are very smart, even then…good luck.

Paul out.


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