Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Maybe its unfair to review a film that I have only partially viewed but I think this one deserves some critique.

Dogville is stylistically extremely odd, it is set on a soundstage in a very minimal set. There is little to no score and it feels as if it is simply a run-through of a script. Scenes and conversation seem stilted and ad-libbed. It lasts of 2 hours and 50 freaking minutes like this. The story? Small town takes advantage of a runaway woman and shows their  selfish nature.

2 hours and 50 minutes with no set, score or storyline!

vlcsnap-2010-09-28-12h40m04s146I am all for art but come on, at least 2001 for all its tedious flaws had those simple things.

I am all for art but this is extreme and totally unnecessary. Rather then a statement the only thing I get from the move is “we spent all our money and only have a rehearsal stage to shoot on!”

Utter tripe and even the “acclaimed story” is completely dull, drawn out and insincere.

I am glad I only wasted 1hr on this. 50 minutes getting bored and 10 looking for the good bits.

To save you the time of having to watch this bollocks here is the story in one simple script.

Narrator: Dogville is a nice place.

Grace: Help me.

Town: OK but you must prove you are worth it

Police: Missing Woman

Town: ooh she is risky let use her a bit

Police: Wanted woman

Town: Yay rape time.

Grace: I’m a mobsters daughter.


Job done.

Paul out….and annoyed that shite like this gets acclaimed!


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