Monday, 2 August 2010

Rest Stop

What is the most frightening phrase in the English Moviegoers Lexicon? In my opinion it is “Only available on DVD”, this is generally because “It wasn't good enough to reach the cinema”

Rest Stop is just one of those flicks. It really is unable to decide if it is a supernatural horror, a slasher flick or a freakshow and mixes all those genres with unprecedented amounts of bollocks along the way.

Only in the Straight to Video market can you get a film that combines a very ugly big nosed boyfriend with a plain big chinned girlfriend, put them in a “situation” and remove the boyfriend leaving the women to carry the entire film. Throw in a ghost or two, a madman in a Christine style demon car, some freaks in a motor home and some very poor policing (as shown by the oodles of serial killer evidence in the Rest Stop and on the notice board) and you have a TRULY stupid film. vlcsnap-2010-08-01-20h58m23s254

Often I watch these bad films with a wry smile, its the cost of a rental and… well its passed the time. Very rarely though you get that odd beast that really demands your attention. Not because it is good but because YOU WANT YOUR TIME BACK. There are big enough plot holes to drive a bus through and the behaviour of the “victims” is bizarre to say the least. (In a survival situation when you are scared and in fear of you very life you always down half a bottle of Wild Turkey of course!)vlcsnap-2010-08-01-21h29m39s72

Avoid Rest Stop, it is truly shit of the greatest order (ordure). As a horror it is weak and ineffective. As a ghost story it is weak and ineffective and as a Texas Chainsaw style freakshow it is a … well what the fuck was all that about anyway?

Paul Out…and avoiding the probably even worse sequel.

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