Monday, 26 July 2010

Creepshow 2

Posting from a secret location today so please forgive the change in style!

Creepshow 2 is a followup to the largely successful compendium of short stories shown in Creepshow, taking 3 of Stephen Kings shorter stories and compiling them into a full movie.

Where Creepshow was a general success Creepshow 2 really seems to fall down. Of the 3 stories adapted the only really memorable one is The Raft, and this is hampered by turning the rather far fetched "shagging in fear" scene into a more realistic but slightly repugnant, "Sexual molestation of a passed out woman" scene. As this results in her death then the guy suddenly becomes an utter, utter bastard rather then a scared boy taking comfort in the body of a woman. The other stories are both very pedestrian fare with story 1 involving the chasing of a group of thugs by an Indian statue and the 3rd revolving around the hunting of a non stop RTC driver.

The failings in Creepshow 2 are pretty much down to the stories chosen. Not to belittle them but they are mainly conceptual works that are far more successful on paper then on celluloid. The style of the joining animations are also more cartoony then the original film which had a greater spooky feel to it.

Budget seems far less and the product suffers badly for this.

One to avoid except for the completest.

Paul Out...
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