Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Aftermath (Spain 1994)

OK time for a warning. This film is sick. If you think that your average horror is sick then please leave.


This film cropped up on a list of the 10 Sickest Films ever. I, of course, then had to see it. Aftermath is simply a 30 minute short but every minute feels like 3 so in stress terms it is a full length film. It follows an evening in a Spanish morgue. The unnamed technician waits until his colleagues go home and then starts his playing.

This film truly  is not for the faint hearted. As an exercise in gore it is highly accurate in its depiction of human autopsy with only the odd rubbery realdoll type cadavers giving the game away. The gore in itself is disturbing. However once the technician is left alone the film steps up yet another gear. Our protagonist retrieves a female corpse and begins to abuse it in any and every way. There lies the entirety of this film.

It passed my time, however I have a very strong stomach for gore. For the layman it does seem like an exercise in extremity. With no dialogue and no real storyline other then the aforementioned abuse it is one film that befuddles the senses and simply exists. It is so close to being an art film that really…it is an art film. Of course it has leapt into the mainstream realm simply due to its controversial nature.

Does it work?

Well as a statement of mortality and an artistic exploration of the loss of control when we shuffle the mortal coil, yes. As a movie intended for entertainment, no. I won’t be watching it again and I won’t be recommending it. Just a really odd film with no real obvious drive or merit. vlcsnap-2010-07-07-20h57m34s237

Reading back I realise that I have used terms like “cadaver” and “it”. Possibly its my Biology background that makes the film less impacting, certainly if you instead think in terms of “She” and “Body” then it is far more likely to be effective in its shock value.

Paul out … and sleeping well tonight.

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