Saturday, 26 June 2010

Stephen King–Under the Dome


It’s actually rather unusual for me to review something while it is still a current topic and as Under the Dome came out in 2009 I guess its time for me to say my piece on it!

I am a great fan of Stephen King and have read his awesome stories since i were a wee nipper. (OK perhaps i was a tiny bit older then that) and feel he is often so wrongly written off as a schlock horror writer. I would simply challenge anyone that says this to read the superbly textured and greatly moving IT or try to shake of his ability to covey an entire novel from the constraints of one woman handcuffed to a bed for virtually an entire book (Gerald's Game). Stephen is, without a doubt, a exceptional and  imaginative novelist.

So is Under the Dome up to his top game?


It isn't amazing, it is however fantastic, and fantastic from Stephen King is pretty much eclipsing of any other author out there today. The story of a small Maine town cut off from the outside world is perfectly rendered and entirely gripping as is their struggles against the “local” warming that occurs and the political machinations of a lunatic selectman who is charismatic and simply power crazed.

Yes Under the Dome is a fantastic book. I recommend taking a read of this, its daunting at its sheer size but I promise you. If you enjoy it then you will be ready to take a ride with Mr King into the Deeper realms. As a stepping stone for IT or The Stand which truly are Kings finest epics it is a far better contender then the pedestrian “Cell” and, for those prepared to take the risk, will open up a world of literature that the media and mainstream snobbery would like to ignore. Stephen King is no more pulp fiction then Herman Melville or Mark Twain. It’s time this was accepted.

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