Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Inside Nature Giants: Great White Shark


The following review contains very explicit images of animal viscera and gore. If you are not comfortable with this STOP NOW. If you are scroll down for the article.


This fascinating series is back with another very odd giant of the natural Kingdom, the shark. The programme is initially rather slow to begin and seems to dwell overly long on padding explanatory material such as shark tank footage. This does give the indication that the actual dissection is low on content. This is not the case once the episode gets into full swing. As with the episodes in the previous series this dissection again reveals some fascinating and shocking facts about the sharks biology.

vlcsnap-00013 As a Biology graduate I am aware of the sharks nature as a cartilaginous fish (non bony) but was totally unaware of its unique floating jaw and the development of this from gill supports was a total surprise. Some excellent footage is shown of sharks performing HR Gigar style jaw strikes.

Also of surprise was the internal structure of the shark with a very strange brain and digestive tract. The biggest surprise was the sheer size of the animals liver which acted as a buoyancy aid.vlcsnap-00020Adding to the surprise info was the news that sharks are now believed to be warm blooded. This all added up to an interesting programme, which, while not quite of the calibre of the excellent first series was still a breath of fresh (fishy) air to the Natural History broadcasting genre.

Well worth a watch, Inside Natures Giants is available on the 4oD website for UK residents and available from more…unique resources for everybody else.

Paul out…Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!


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