Saturday, 12 June 2010

In which i show my HATRED of a certain film…

This is an odd review in that I haven't recently watched the film. While looking through my old junk for things to flog on eBay I came across Batman Forever on VHS. A film that I bought on Jonathan Ross’s recommendation. That bastard.

As Batman films goes it is surpassed only by Batman and Robin but NEVER forget Kilmer and his rubber nipples. Neon galore and fucking “chicks love the” FUCKING “car”, not to mention Tommy Lee Jones terrible portrayal of TwoFace!

So I have decided to eBay my copy. It is currently listed at 1p with free postage. If you want to save me the cost of posting it i will willingly destroy it in any way you wish, the results to feature on YouTube.

2nd worst Batman film ever.

Capture Paul Out…and still on a mission to wipe this filth from the face of cinema….

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