Friday, 7 May 2010


Despite having  a strong showing in David Boraenez and Denise Richards, Valentine really failed to impress.

It starts on a very strong premise and an interesting twist on the “taunt and kill” method which it then wholly forgets to continue on. In the end Valentine simply becomes a slog and a confusing one at that. Act 3 takes part in the mansion of Dorothy and its architecture is baffling with rooms and stairwells that either look the same or not even in place with the rest of the building. The use of the mask is never really explained except as a vehicle for the eventual and glaringly obvious twist which even 2 seconds thought can disassemble and render wholly inexplicable!vlcsnap-2010-05-07-10h50m02s208 More holes then Swiss cheese and more tired then a 3$ whore on her 15th trick of the night Valentine is best avoided.

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