Saturday, 15 May 2010

Survival of the Dead

Survival of the Dead is without a doubt the best Zombie film with the word survival in the title.

It has nothing else going for it. Honestly if you thought Diary of the Dead was bad then you have a real shock coming up. George A Romero seems to have forgotten everything and is now churning out the most tepid efforts in his “restart” of the zombie apocalypse.Arggh me hearties, cpn birdseye here.

Seriously this film is awful…horse riding zombie! Cowboy scotsman. Scottish islands of the coast of Delawhere. (If hats wrong I don’t fucking care I am not going back to check), Dreadful deadheads (urgh), bad, bad, fucking BAD jumps and worse stealth zombie and stealth human moments. Why the fuck they groan like a bitch except for that moment when they are revealed RIGHT BEHIND YOU is amazing. In fact I cant believe that the shower of shite survivors actually managed to last 30 seconds.

Seriously this film is dire, I can…oh fuck it.

What i want to do to a writer with the initials GAR right now.

Paul out…fuck the tagline I can’t be arsed.

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