Sunday, 30 May 2010

Red Road

Red Road was a limited release British film about Jackie a CCTV operator in Glasgow that spots an ex-con and for reasons of her own begins to stalk him.

I gravitated towards this film as CCTV is a sector that I have experience in, in this way its sort of a busmans holiday for me. Red Road seems to have garnered critical praise. I really am not sure why. Its very, very slow. It uses a cinematic trick in which it keeps the reasons for Jackies obsession hidden and, despite some interesting twists in this, it really is rather pedestrian and, dare I say, obvious. vlcsnap-2010-05-29-21h02m38s191

I really found this a slog and not for the reasons I expected, the CCTV scenes are actually well done and close to the reality (except for the office window spying, a BIG nono). Apart from the mistake that showed a timelapse tape played in a normal VCR it was quite acceptable. There is no CSI magic here.

The real problem I had with Red Road was that it was just damn slow and dull. In fact it almost got switched off! The pace is dreadful and the film seems to take forever to end after the logical conclusion. The only real bright point was the rather frantic sex scene towards the end. However if thats all you want from a film I can recommend much better material!vlcsnap-2010-05-29-22h03m19s255

Very dull, avoid.

Paul out

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