Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Descent Part 2

I am always wary of Part 2 films. They generally try to continue a story that has really been told already (just look at the Friday the 13th saga for a great example of this). As a film The Descent had a very distinct start middle and end and at no point did it feel like it needed a “Part 2”. Perhaps I would have been more welcoming of The Descent 2 featuring different cavers in the same system, although im sure that it would have felt like a retread, something the makers were obviously keen to avoid.

They failed.I'm sorry but...you are in a bad film.

The Descent 2 really does try to make a story where there is none, in the first part we had fantastically strong characters pulling us through the weaker, monster based, parts of the film. Yes for me the original was about the caving NOT the monsters. In this weaker sequel the filmmakers attempt to bring some of that claustrophobia back but for some bizarre reason the worst sufferer is one of the professional cave rescue team? eh? Add in the very bizarre plot involving dragging a traumatised survivor down into an uncharted (and obviously dangerous) cave system along with two totally untrained law enforcement officers and imagination is stretched to the extreme.

Add up the location of Sarahs exit point which a dog tells us is at the top of a very deep mineshaft (good climber eh!) and which she tells us is at the end of an underground water course, the very Lord of the Rings Orcalikes of the crawlers and the generally nonsensical geography of the caves and you find yourself with the result of a very flawed film with a paper thin plot.

A sequel that didn’t need to exist and I will forget does. Avoid.

Paul Out

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