Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Silver Bullet

This is one from my list of seminal 80s horrors that I missed as a youth. Often talked about in the schoolyard, Silver Bullet was the Stephen King Werewolf Yarn and I always though it was the Ying to Salems Lot’s Yang. Sadly I was mistaken.

Its actually a very poor film that really does put the Semen into Seminal, it limps along at a really bizarre pace and thinks never seem to make sense timewise. Im sure we have 4 full moons in one month and we go from murder to burial to next murder all in the space of a day. I am sure the coroner would have SOMETHING to say about that burial turnover. HOW quickly will you have me in the ground!??Its also strangely flawed in other ways. The wolf talks about doing good things but only actually give one example. All the other murders don't fit into this ethos. It also seems to be wrong the way it is narrated from the sisters point of view, considering the film is set in 1976 so she is barely 9 years older (24) she has a VERY old voice.

Some of Stephens novellas a very raw and almost feel like an idea made flesh with very little bones on it. Sadly this shines through into Silver Bullet, it may be doing the source a disservice, but this really doesn't feel very polished or King at all. Rather it feels like a cash in on the name.ARRRRGGGHHHH SNARGLE SHEEEEETTTT

It was nice to see Lost’s Terry O’Quinn (Locke) in another role (I never saw Alias) and also a real treat to see Corey Haim again, may he rest in peace. Busey is also fantastic and effects shine brightly but overall no amount of polishing is going to work on this film. You will only have brown hands and a smaller turd.

Take a look but get get excited by this one.

Paul Out… and checking his lunar cycle, four full moons eh?

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